Eastern White Pine Shavings

All of our shavings are sourced locally from sawmills in New Hampshire and Maine and all prices vary depending on qty., pickup vs. delivery, and location.

Shavings Picked Up in Strafford:

PLASTIC wrapped DiPrizio brand shavings (3.25 cf) $5.25 each

PAPER wrapped shavings: $5.25 each


Sorry, but we are not taking on any NEW delivery customers as of Nov. 2021.

Delivered Shavings Within Our Delivery Areas to Ground Level at Your Farm:

PLASTIC wrapped DiPrizio brand shavings (3.25 cf)

PAPER wrapped shavings

$5.75 minimum each. Cost depends on qty. and location. Quoted in advance.

Please contact us to get an estimate for any quantity of shavings delivered to your farm. Call 603-335-4572, email Tammy or get an estimate online. 

We can deliver shavings to York County, Maine. Call for details.