Please call/text Tammy at 603.617.8363 in advance to confirm hay/shavings availability.

Order Product Online and PICKUP AND LOAD YOURSELF at Lake Bridge Farm Hay and Shavings, Strafford, NH 03884

Reminder: Our Hours are 9am-6pm ONLY, 7 days

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We Have Cats and Dogs on Our Property. Please Keep Your Dog in Your Vehicle While Picking Up Hay or Shavings.

This form is for ordering product to be PICKED UP, SELF-SERVICE.

PSA from Tammy: Doors Closed? Leave Them Closed

If doors are closed on the property, DO NOT open them without permission! They are closed for a reason! This means truck doors, barn doors, any doors. If shavings are available, then the doors to the truck or wherever they are will be open. Do not open the truck or go into any of MY barns looking for shavings. Call/text ahead please.

For all orders placed online below, you will receive a message back from Tammy confirming product availability and your pickup time, etc. If you don't hear back after submitting your order, please call 603.617.8363 -- Thank you!

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