Shavings and Hay News June 24:

We are only selling DiPrizio plastic wrapped shavings now. No paper wrapped. New prices are $6 a bag picked up and $6.95 a bag delivered within our delivery area.

First cut 2024 hay price is $9 a bale picked up here at the farm. Now offering stacked and NOT stacked delivery pricing for hay: $10.50 (you stack) and $11.50 (Lake Bridge stacks, ground level only, easy access).


PSA From Tammy

Doors Closed? Leave Them Closed

If doors are closed on the property, DO NOT open them without permission! They are closed for a reason! This means truck doors, barn doors, any doors. If shavings are available, then the doors to the truck or wherever they are will be open. Do not open the truck or go into any of MY barns looking for shavings. Call/text ahead please.   


Picking Up Shavings - Always Contact Us First 

Shaving supplies are tight right now so text me before coming: 603.617.8363  Shavings prices can change. Be sure to check for the current price on the board before paying.


Payment Info

Do not leave the premises without paying. We can take Venmo. If we are not here and you want to pay with a card, text me.


Contact Us to Place an Order

The landline phone has been disconnected. Contact options are: Text 603.617.8363 (best option), call cell, email me, or message via Facebook page.

We encourage you to take advantage of our self-serve pickup of hay here in Strafford, NH. Call ahead to confirm availability and price. It's cheaper and you avoid waiting for delivery. Current 2024 hay pricing:

First cut hay: $9 per bale picked up here self-serve in Strafford.

First cut hay delivered: $10.50 per bale (you stack) and $11.50 (Lake Bridge stacks (ground level, easy access)* within our delivery area.

For the latest 2nd cut and round bale availability and info., please call or text Tammy 603-617-8363.

Delivery Information

*Minimum qty. requirements for deliveries:

- Within 25 miles of us minimum is 50 bags/bales.

- Within 26-50 of us is still 100 bag/bale minimum.

- Anyone over 50 miles should call or email Tammy for a quote 603.617.8363 

Self-Service Pickup for Hay and Shavings at the Farm, Hours: 9am - 6pm Only, 7 days

Call/text Tammy at 603-617-8363.

Please phone or text ahead to confirm we have what you need in stock, especially for larger orders. You can also email us at If you need to pickup outside the hours of 9am and 6pm, please be sure to call and get an OK from Tammy!

High Quality Hay and Eastern White Pine Shavings

Shavings: DiPrizio Plastic Wrapped (no paper wrapped)

Getting to the Farm

Click this link for Directions to the Farm and for information on GPS issues and the best routes to take. Don't trust GPS. GoogleMaps and Bing Maps are accurate.

Credit Cards Accepted, Venmo