White Pine Wood Pelleted Bedding

$5.60 per 40 lb. bag. picked up in Strafford.

$6.20 per 40 lb. bag delivered in our area.

(Click the photo to see how to set up a bare stall using wood pellets from a company in the U.K. where it's very popular to use pelleted bedding.)
(Click the photo to see how to set up a bare stall using wood pellets from a company in the U.K. where it's very popular to use pelleted bedding.)

If you have ever considered using wood pellets as an alternative to shavings for your animal bedding, now is a great time to give it a try.  Barn owners and stable managers say that wood pellets are easier to muck than shavings; virtually dust-free; produce less waste; use less storage space; and -- for those of us in the Strafford, NH area -- it is a locally produced white pine product. Each bag of pellets is 40 lb. and is made from white pine sawdust. People that use it find that it's super absorbent and is a good deodorizer. If you are not familiar with using wood pellets, you can click the photo to see a 1.5 minute YouTube video showing what is involved in setting up a bare stall.

What's It Like to Use Pellets for Bedding?

For the initial setup in an average size bare stall it would probably take six to ten bags to cover. To fluff up the pelleted material you'll need to add water; warm water will act more quickly if you have it. The video below shows the method of slicing the bag and adding a bucket of water to each bag, but you can also use a hose. After soaking for a while, the pellets will expand into fluffy sawdust and overflow the bag and then you can dump out all the bags and spread it around your stall. It's a very efficient way to bed your horse's stall because the sawdust is so easy to sift while you're mucking. That should save you time and you'll also probably find that managing your manure pile is easier because you will be adding less waste to it daily. Many people find that they only have to add one or two new bags each week to keep an adequate depth. Another benefit is that the pellets are almost dust free, which is better for both you and your horse.

Benefits of Using Pellets:

- Easy to Clean, Saves You Time

- Uses Less and Costs Less Per Week vs. Shavings
- Requires Less Storage Space, Buy in Bulk
- White Pine Absorbs Well and Helps Deodorize
- Produced Locally

Click below to see a nice example of setting up a stall with wood pellet bedding. This is a short video (1.5 min.) that was posted to YouTube by a wood pellet company in England where it's very popular to use this type of bedding. This is not our product, but it's a good example of how to use pelleted bedding.

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