Lake Bridge Farm is a "Scoot Boot" Approved Stockist

Want to schedule a fitting at your farm almost anywhere in New England? Call us for information at 603-335-4572.

Protective Hoof Boots for All Sizes from Minis to Drafts!

We are excited to announce that Lake Bridge Farm is now an approved Scoot Boot Stockist! These quality hoof boots were designed by a farrier and have no cables or velcro. They are easy to put on and take off, offer a lightweight secure fit with a low profile and they allow for excellent drainage. There are studs that can be added for winter. Click the logo above to learn more at the Scoot Boot website and see the colorful straps available. 

We are currently scheduling farm visits for fittings of Scoot Boots. It's the best way to get a good fit specifically for your horse or pony. Please note it is best to have fittings done within about two weeks of a fresh trim. We do our best to always have stock on hand in a variety of sizes from mini to draft. Local fitting appointment fees at your location are $40 per horse. Beyond the local area there may be an extra travel fee which can be quoted in advance. Group rates are also available. Our fitting representatives have been trained by Beth Lynn Lewis, Equibalance Farrier Services and Scoot Boot Approved Stockist.

Fittings available throughout New England!

Call Tammy for an appointment: 603-617-8363