Hay Availability News From Tammy

Hay Availability Update March 10, All Hay Price and Availability is TBD

I wanted to give everyone an update on our current hay supply. Last year was not the most productive hay growing season for the northeast and everyone is now experiencing shortages in hay supply. We wanted to let you know that we are not taking any new hay customers. Prices were raised as of Feb. 1st for our existing customers and are currently TBD and can change on a weekly basis. Contact us for price and availability in advance. If you are a current customer, we will do our best to provide you with hay for your horses in the coming year. To ensure that we have enough hay for everyone, please help us by ordering only what you need. We hope that the upcoming growing season will be good, but we may be looking at another dry season ahead based on what we have had for rainfall/snow over the winter. This translates to lower supply, same demand and higher prices for product in addition to higher transportation costs with the increasing fuel prices. We are not selling round bales because we would need to sell them at nearly double our usual price in order to cover our wholesale expense. We will only be selling first cut square bales for the foreseeable future; we likely won't have any second cut available for new customers. For the latest hay information, please call me at 603-332-4572 between 9am and 7pm. Thank you for your understanding. This is a good year to be thrifty so that we can be sure to have enough hay to go around.

-- Tammy